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abby jane swogger nude

Abby Jane Swogger was a Highlands senior high school teacher's aide in Harrison Pennsylvania, who is now sitting in a Pennsylvania jail for having an all night party for a few of her students in a downtown. Is this yet another case of a teacher having sex with students or is it just a misunderstanding as Abby Jane Swogger would have us believe.

According to the Post Gazette in Philadelphia when police came into room 107 of the Clarion Inn they found four teenagers, pot, beer and empty condom wrappers and a teacher's aide Abby Jane Swogger. Now the teacher's aide says she was on a blind date that went wrong and some how the kids just showed up and began to party with her.

Abby Jane Swogger's own 15-year-old son also attends that school where his mother was anything but the perfect idea of a teacher's aide. One can only image how this poor young man feels knowing his mother, was having sexual relations with his classmates.

This web site, which has a unique name and totally befitting to the women whose stories appear on its main page. One can see a photo of Abby Jane Swooger, with two tone, hair and heavy makeup that makes her look like a floozy. However, this article gives a brief account of her sexual escapades in Room 107 of New Kensington's Clarion Inn Hotel.

For Abby Jane Swogger and all these teachers and parents who have sex with students you all deserve to sit in jail and have your own children taken from you. Children need parents and teachers who will nurture them and not steer them down the wrong path of alcohol, drugs, and sex.

Teen parties should never be held over night if they involve both male and female teenagers, unless there adequate supervision and the boys are outside while the girls are inside. Never bring alcohol or dugs into the mix, because there are steep fines associated with underage drinking as well as furnishing alcohol to minors.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Swogger Stands Trial On 40 Counts For Sexual Abuse Of Minors

Abbie Jane Swogger left the court house Friday after making comments to the media. Swogger was held for trial on 40 charges involving numerous minors in Allegheny and Westmoreland counties. As the case was built, her hearings were postponed, as new charges were added until the last of the 40 charges were copletly ivestigated prior to trial.

Friday A 17-year-old boy testified yesterday about his month-long relationship with a former teacher’s aidewho plied him withbeer and drugs in exchange for sex with the boy.

Based on his words and those of five other witnesses, Abbie Jane Swogger was held for trial on 40 charges accusing her of sex, drug and corruption crimes involving numerous minors in Allegheny and Westmoreland counties, she pleaded not guilty.

Swogger, who turned 35th spent her birthday in Jail, and as she sat in the court room, she appeared frustrated and jumpy, sometimes jiggling her leg or flexing her fingers.

At one point after a 15-year-old boy testified about her giving him oral sex, she whispered to her son, who sat behind her in court, “Don’t believe everything he says.” The 15-year-old is the 17-year-old’s brother.

Police arrested Ms. Swogger in February after she stayed overnight at the Clarion Hotel in New Kensington with several male and female juveniles. In the room, police found crack cocaine, the odor of marijuana, beer and used condoms.

Swogger who became a teachers aide, was a former prostitute, and nude dancer, who frequented clubs in Ohio, and locally in Reynolds before leaving the area to move to new kensington to become part of the drug scene that provades parts of the drug infested town.

At that point, a woman who said Ms. Swogger had dated one of her relatives yelled, “You should be ashamed! You’re sick.”

She resigned in February after police uncovered the hotel party as they searched for two runaway girls.

The girls ended up at the hotel with Ms. Swogger after they ran into the 15-year-old. One girl testified that Ms. Swogger stroked her thigh.

“She said that she was bisexual and her goal was to get us all high and to have sex with us,” the girl said.

Swogger did have several charges dismissed, she succeeded in defeating the rumor she was to have a person beat up another person who posted naked cell phone photos of her on the internet.

Swogger who was unable to post a 150,000 bond is in jail in Westmoreland County.

Teacher's Aide Abby Swogger Remains in Jail for Wild Teen Parties, Drug Possession

Abby Jane Swogger, a 34-year-old teacher's aide, remains in jail after allegedly hosting a drug and alcohol party at a hotel for several of her son's friends.

According to, Swogger rented a hotel room where police found beer, condom wrappers, and marijuana.

There have also been rumors that Swogger was allegedly having sex with one of her son's friends, but she denies those rumors and no evidence has been found.

Other reports on according to have her being arrested for possession of crack cocaine and hiding a 17-year-old boy in her bedroom.

Swogger had worked as an exotic dancer before becoming a teacher's aide in Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania.

Swogger's actions, if they are indeed accurate, are completely unacceptable for an adult of any age or profession but especially disgusting for a mother and teacher's aide.

From time to time I have my younger cousins over for get-togethers and parties with my friends, their friends, and other family members. I've always followed some simple rules to keep things safe and make sure everyone has a good time. Ultimately, so long as everyone has fun, nobody is injured, and the police don't show up, I consider the party a great success.

Whenever I host a party that I know will cater to a younger crowd, I always keep one main rule in mind: keep the party small! My two younger cousins can be rowdy sometimes, and usually invite friends that are just as crazy as they are, so having too many hyper teenagers around can overwhelm any host. I remember how I was as a teenager-trying to get away with anything I could, and huge parties were the best place to do it. Nobody knows you, you can take and drink whatever you want, and it's an all-out free-for-all. So with that in mind I try to keep the number of guests to ten or less, making it easy for me to keep them all within sight and make sure they don't do something stupid.

Another thing I don't do is host parties alone. I always try to have at least a few other mature persons around, like a friend or girlfriend who I know is mature, to help me keep an eye on things.

But there are other rules that can be just as important. If I know that anyone under 21 will be attending my party, which is pretty much every party I invite my cousins to, I don't serve alcohol at all. In fact, I don't keep any in the house at all during those parties. It's easier for teens to grab a bottle of booze from the back of the refrigerator, slip away into a room and chug it down while I'm not looking. I don't drink at all myself, so I don't have to hide any alcohol during those times; I simply don't buy any.

And at no time do I allow any illegal drugs in my home. It's illegal, it's dangerous, and it can get you in big trouble with the law. What the kids do in the privacy of their own homes if out of my control, but at my house I like to keep things clean and legal. I don't inform other parents when their children attend my parties, partly because I'm confident they'll be safe and drug-free at my place but also because I don't know who half the teens' names sometimes.

And following those rules, out of the seven or so parties I've hosted, there's never been a problem with a single party. The worst that can be said about my gatherings is that, once or twice, the music was a bit too loud and the neighbors came over to complain. And that's understandable when people get together.

They may not be the coolest, most wild parties in town, but everyone goes home safe-not to a jail cell drunk and high--at the end of my events.

If Abby Swogger would have followed even half of the party-hosting rules I do, she wouldn't be rotting in a jail cell at the moment wishing she had done things differently.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Abby Jane Swogger Goes to Trial

The trial began Thursday for Abby Jane Swogger, the 35-year-old ex-special ed teacher's aide, accused of having sex with, giving drugs and alcohol to and just overall corrupting minors in Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties, Pennsylvania.

Swogger's 15-year-old son was on hand yesterday to hear graphic testimony from a handful of minors who claimed Swogger threw a hotel room party for them, provided them with drugs including crack and participated in sexual activity with them. Swogger was arrested in February after allegedly staying overnight at the Clarion Hotel in New Kensington with several underage males and females. In the room, police found crack cocaine, used condoms, beer and could smell marijuana smoke.

In court yesterday, a 17-year-old boy testified that he had carried on a sexual relationship with the teacher's aide, and that she had bought him beer and marijuana regularly. That same boy's 15-year-old brother also testified that Swogger had performed oral sex on him.

A high school girl testified that Swogger had stroked her thigh, claimed she was bisexual and that her goal that night in the hotel room was to get all the students high and have sex with them.

Swogger's lawyer, Duke George, entered a plea of not guilty. After the court proceedings Wednesday, Swogger was escorted into a back alley to speak with the media. Swogger told the media she was not guilty and claimed the testimony of the teenagers was outrageous.

The ex-stripper turned teacher’s aide is being held on $150,000 bond.

Abby Jane Swogger Adds 33 New Charges to Her Record

Abbiejane Swogger, the stripper turned special education aide arrested this past February for throwing a hotel sex party for a group of under aged children, has had 33 new charges added to her bill.
The 34-year-old Swogger is now being charged with indecent assault and corruption of minors, stripping for teens and having sex with at least two boys and more. Already being charged with drug and corruption of minors after police found suspected crack cocaine, marijuana, empty beer cans and used condoms in the hotel room Swogger allegedly booked for a group of underage teenagers.

These new charges are for prior actions Swogger may have committed. Police say a 17-year-old boy has acknowledged having sex with Swogger for several weeks, starting this past January. The former stripper is also accused of rekindling her past, and stripping for three boys on January 18, 2008, at the home of a 15-year-old boy. She faces a preliminary hearing on May 1.

Swogger remains in jail in Natoma, Pennsylvania, unable to post her $50,000 bail. She maintains her innocence on all counts, saying the hotel incident is a misunderstanding and mistake. The former aide has stated she rented the room for her and a few of her adult colleagues to hang out, but her 15-year-old son brought some of his friends around and everything got out of hand.